Program FAQs for
Refer A Friend

Can I participate in the program and refer a friend by telling them to just enroll in the course?

No. While we encourage you to talk to your friend about the course, all referrals must be submitted online via the RAF website to be considered for a referral payment. The referral must be input into the system PRIOR to the date of the student’s enrollment. Referrals input into the system after the date of the student’s enrollment will not be valid.

What do I do after submitting the online form?

Once the referral is submitted online, an email will be sent on your behalf to your referral that talks about the Income Tax Course and drives them to enroll for the course online. You may want to let your friend know to be on the lookout for the email from H&R Block.

What constitutes a successful referral?

Successful completion of the course means the student passed with a minimum grade of 70%.

What happens after I get 5 successful referrals... can I still refer friends?

Yes, you can still refer friends to the Income Tax Course, but after you have 5 successful referrals you will not be eligible for the $50 reward payment.

Can I still get a reward payment if I refer friends to other Tax Training School courses?

No, reward payments are only for referrals made to the Income Tax Course.

When is this offer good?

Referrals can be submitted up until December 31st of this year.

When will reward payments be made?

Payments for successful referrals will be distributed during March. Payments cannot be processed until all Income Tax classes have been completed and all referrals have been validated for the year.